Thanks for coming to Operation Nighthawk 2018 and making the event a huge success!

Since its inception in 1982, Operation Nighthawk has grown to be the largest Scouting Youth activity, other  than Jamborees, in Queensland.  It is supported by Scouts and Venturer Scouts from Queensland and Nothern NSW. It is an overnight hike packed with activity bases in the bush for both Scouts and Venturer Scouts.

At each of the bases Leadership and Technical Skills are scored on a variety of different tasks, these may include Mapping, First Aid and Scouting Skills.

  • It’s a fun night with friends you have met at other camps and new ones you make on the course. Doing activities that challenge you in your scouting skills and knowledge while having a laugh and wondering if you are going the right way to get to the next base.–James Wood, 2007

  • Nighthawk was great for the challenge of navigation in a unfamiliar area and the bases challenged our skills and knowledge.–Ryan Tootell, 2007

  • Nighthawk to me is one of the more challenging activities but also more rewarding. It’s an easy way to make life long friends across the region and further while testing our basic knowledge along the way.–Brad Nicholls, 2012

  • Nighthawk was, without a doubt, one of the most stand-out highlights of my time with the Scouts. It is so much more than just a hike. It’s an exercise in team-building, a great way to forge new connections, and a fantastic way to test yourself in the skills you learn as a Scout.–Harry Paroz, 2011


Clifton Airfield


10th and 11th of August 2019



Team Sizes

Minimum of 5 (Venturers)
Minimum 5 (Scouts)
Maximum of 9

Exemptions for larger teams can be made by contacting our Admin team at